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School Activities and Club


(4&5 Grade Students, must apply in the fall):
Student Council will play an important role for the students of Neil Armstrong Elementary. Students will help increase student involvement in school-wide activities and decision making during the school year for the benefit of the faculty, students, and community. Students are expected to be a positive leader in our school community. Members of the student council will help with school spirit activities, promote involvement in community service projects, and assist with other projects. Depending on what activities are going on, we may need to meet weekly, or during school hours.


(4&5 Grade Students, during lunch one Thursday per Month):
We are starting a Prism Club for our 4th and 5th grade students. This student run club provides a safe and supportive place for LGBTQ+ students and allies to create a community. At the elementary school level, this club can touch on topics of identity, family, and respect. It can be a space for LGBTQ+ students and allies to connect and create a safe space for each other. The Prism Club promotes a safe, healthy school climate and an anti-bullying message. The structure for the club meetings will look like this: 1) play a game as a group just to have fun and socialize, 2) read a book or watch a video clip, and 3) have a student-led discussion. Before we wrap up, club members will have an opportunity to give input as to what we will do at the next meeting. Prism Club meetings will be held at lunchtime once per month starting in February. 


(4&5 Grade Students, during lunch one Thursday per month:
Our inclusion and diversity club seeks to create a safe space for students who are having social difficulties, friendship challenges, or just need a space to come and eat lunch with some friendly faces.  We will play games, socialize, talk about challenges students are facing, or just provide support wherever our students need it.  Topics we discuss will come from our students and conversations will be led by them. Our job is to support our students wherever they need it and let them know we are here to create that safe space for all of them.